Steamed Pandan Rice


Pandanus amaryllifolius, better known as Pandan, is a tropical plant that is used widely in Southeast Asian cooking because of its distinct aroma and flavor.

Other than being a very good flavor enhancer for Indonesian, Singaporean, Filipino, Malaysian, Thai, Bangladeshi, Vietnamese, Chinese, Sri Lankan, and Burmese foods, pandan leaves can also be an alternative cockroach repellant.

Now what is there not to love about this tiny tropical plant?

Now for my second post, I'm sharing with you a simple way to spike up your ordinary steamed rice by using Pandan leaves.

For the Steamed Pandan Rice recipe, you will need the following:

Fresh Pandan Leaves
Chopped Red Onions
Rice Cooker

Just follow these easy simple

1. Wash rice as usual and put in the rice cooker.
2. Add the appropriate amount of water.
3. Add the chopped onions (Tip: The more the better!).
4. Season with salt and pepper. Stir.
5. Then top with Pandan leaves. (It's best that you tie the leaves in a knot so it'll be easier to remove once the rice is cooked.)
6. Cook rice as usual.
7. Serve with your favorite dish and enjoy.

And there you have it, your Steamed Pandan Rice!



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